Intel releases series of ads targeting Mac M1


The launch of the Mac M1 was a real event at Apple. After years of using Intel chips, the Apple brand wanted to develop its own hardware. Obviously, the maneuver still remains through the throat of Intel which has launched a vast communication campaign to target very clearly the computers of the Apple brand.

In an advertisement that can be seen on Twitter, Intel insists in particular on the shortcomings of Macs in terms of gaming. For example, since March 2020, they no longer allow playing the very popular multiplayer game: Rocket League. However, it is still possible to do it locally but it is not ideal.

Apple is often targeted in communication campaigns

A week ago, another ad insisted on the lack of touchscreen on Apple Macs. Intel then specified: “Only a PC offers tablet mode, the touch screen and the stylus in a single device”.

Note also that we are witnessing a real fight between the two companies to demonstrate that their respective computers are more powerful, more energy efficient, or faster.

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Remember that Intel is far from being the first company to target Apple in an advertising campaign. We recently told you about the offensive led by Samsung and Xiaomi when the Cupertino company decided to remove the charger from the box of its smartphones. Moreover, and ironically enough, the two companies subsequently chose the same option.

Finally, last December, Facebook also directly targeted the Apple brand and its new anti-tracking tool which should be released next spring as part of an update to iOS 14. In a full page of the newspaper, the company then explained: “We stand up against Apple, to defend small businesses”.

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