Intel still hopes to find favor with Apple

Intel Core i5

On the occasion of a new episode of the documentary series Axios on HBO available on the eponymous American pay channel, the CEO of Intel is back on the abandonment of its chips that Apple started last year. An operation for the benefit of processors designed by the Cupertino brand itself, then manufactured in Asia by the subcontractor TSMC with the aim of reducing costs and improving performance.

Asked by journalist Ina Fried, Pat Gelsinger assures us that Apple has instead signed a “good work”With its components. The leader thinks all the same that he will not give up “never”The idea of ​​running anything without one of its CPUs, when the issue of Macs is rightly mentioned. To do this, he would simply need “create a better chip“, A project that he seems to consider quite viable.

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Users first

Gelsinger also recalls that his “ecosystem is more open”: In fact, the list of apps optimized for the M1 is still quite thin and the security barriers put in place by Apple can quickly become blocking. Conversely, Intel processors are designed with a goal of universality that makes them installable by everyone and on most machines.

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Unfortunately, and this is probably what makes the difference, this point can also be seen as a major drawback. Because by jointly building its operating system and its engines, Apple is taking the opportunity to improve the speed of the duo there too, but without having to take third parties into account. An asset for some developers, like Adobe and its suite which runs very quickly on macOS.

A Mac Pro to confirm it?

The ambitions of the director of Intel would be moreover on the verge of being validated with a new product. Rumors indeed announce that Apple plans to renew the Mac Pro soon, with always the choice between its processors and those of the competition.

A keynote is scheduled this evening and we should discover several MacBook Pros. The fate of the tower, however, remains uncertain regarding this event and the article may have to wait until next year to be reissued.

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