Invicta Electric EV Wheel: Classic Design, Electric Heart | Motorcycles

Invicta Electric EV Wheel: Classic Design, Electric Heart | Motorcycles

The one with the mopeds It is a perfect segment for electrical mechanics: urban, light and with a habitual use of short distances. For this reason, more and more brands are encouraged to launch their emission-free models, and the last to arrive is the Invicta Electric EV Wheel. Already available from 2,995 euros.

Unlike other recent Invicta Electric releases, such as the Opai, the EV Wheel bet on a classic cut design, clearly inspired by references such as the Vespa.

Proof of this is the small wheel format, the bulky front fender, the front shield, the round headlight integrated into the front of the handlebar or the rounded shapes of the rear. In addition, they are not lacking retro details such as the brown leather seat or the aluminum structure that acts as a luggage rack in the rear.

It is a model of contained dimensions and with a seat at a very affordable height for pilots of any stature. A detail to take into account, since, being a moped, it can be driven by anyone over 15 years old with the AM license.

Of course, the fact of belonging to this category implies limitations at a mechanical level. Assemble a solo block 2.2 kW of power (slightly less than 3 CV), which allows it to circulate up to the legal maximum of 45 km / h. Of course, it does so with a verve and immediacy superior to that of its combustion engine counterparts.

The Invicta Electric EV Rueda has two driving modes, one that reduces its performance a bit to maximize the range of use and another that allows it to be used at full power.

Also mount a 3.6 kWh battery capacity that gives it an autonomy of 100 kilometers per charge, an appropriate medium range for vehicles of these characteristics and type of use. It can be recharged from a standard outlet in as little as four hours.

Invicta Electric EV Wheel

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