Invicta Electric T10 Neila, an electric scooter with the essence of GT | Motorcycles

Invicta Electric T10 Neila, an electric scooter with the essence of GT | Motorcycles

A new competitor for the increasingly competitive segment of electric scooters: the Invicta Electric T10 Neila It arrives in Spain twice, with an access version called City and a more far-reaching version called Next. They are already available from 4,795 and 5,595 euros, respectively, including discounts and the Moves III Plan.

Invicta Electric, specializing in emission-free urban mobility, presents a GT cut model, with a large front shield and sharp shapes, but with a seat at an accessible height for all types of pilots.

Among several interesting aspects are its instrument panel (which combines an analog clock with the digital display), the seat at two heights or the possibility of installing a rear box of 420 x 480 x 330 millimeters.

The Invicta Electric T10 Neila It has a 6 kW motor (equivalent to about 8 CV), it can reach a maximum speed of 105 km / h and its autonomy is 175 kilometers. The Invicta Electric T10 Neila Next reaches up to 8 kW of power (10.7 HP), its peak is 120 km / h and its range is wider, since it reaches 270 kilometers before having to recharge.

Both are compatible with both the B car license as with him A1 card, so they can be driven from the age of 16.

Like the rest of Invicta Electric’s range of mopeds and motorcycles, the T10 Neila has a two-year unlimited mileage warranty, although it is possible to optionally extend it up to five years with a limit of 100,000 kilometers.

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The arrival of this new model has meant a change in the range of the brand, making the Invicta Electric Alex Boada now offered only in its Street version, with 100 kilometers of autonomy and 85 km / h of maximum speed, available from 3,695 euros with the Moves III Plan already included.

Invicta Electric T10 Neila

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