Apple Watch IOS 14.5 beta can play Apple Fitness + workouts...

IOS 14.5 beta can play Apple Fitness + workouts with AirPlay


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While the service has still not made its arrival in France, Apple continues to unveil new features for Apple Fitness +, the latest service from the Apple brand, presented last fall at the same time as the Apple Watch Series 6 and SE.

Within the latest beta of iOS 14, a novelty has appeared regarding the nascent sports service. Indeed, the latter is now compatible with AirPlay 2 which means that it is possible to display a sport course directly on a television if the latter is connected to the telephone or to the iPad which is the original source.

This feature is especially useful for people who subscribe to Fitness + but do not have Apple TV in their home. Indeed, the Apple box alone contains its own version of the service which can be accessed if you have subscribed to an offer on your iPhone or iPad, the Fitness + account works with all devices attached to an Apple ID. unique.

But for people who don’t have an Apple TV, the Apple update comes perfectly fine. With the service making its debut in the past month in the United States, it was hard to imagine taking sports lessons only from the small screen of your iPad or iPhone.

A necessary update, but imperfect

In these periods when teleworking and confinement are still topical all over the world, the support for AirPlay 2 will be able to facilitate the use of Apple’s sports service.

The only downside in this new feature set up by the Cupertino company, the additional information will not be shown on the screen. With Apple Fitness + it is indeed possible to follow sports classes remotely, but also to have direct training information (heart rate, calories burned, duration of training) in real time at the top right of the screen.

But this precious information will not make the leap from the phone or the apple tablet to your television, you will have to be content to take a small glance at the first screen or on your connected watch to have access to this information.

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- Advertisement -IOS 14.5 beta can play Apple Fitness + workouts with AirPlayIOS 14.5 beta can play Apple Fitness + workouts with AirPlay

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- Advertisement -IOS 14.5 beta can play Apple Fitness + workouts with AirPlayIOS 14.5 beta can play Apple Fitness + workouts with AirPlay

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