iOS 14 may soon no longer be supported

iOS 14

Remember: last year, Apple was rolling out iOS 14.8.1 for those who didn’t want to install iOS 15.1 but didn’t give any real explanation. On its site, the developer details simply leaving the “choice” between this version and the new one, without security being left out. This is precisely the main content of this version.

But for Ars-Technica, it’s not sufficient. The media therefore tried to find out more by contacting Apple directly, which redirected it to a page on its site where it is written black and white that these alternative editions of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 will be offered for a “time”.

Recommended update

However, it turns out that no security update for iOS 14 has been released for many weeks now. It was enough to assume that this version is well on the end.

In this case, the wisest thing is to upgrade to iOS 15 on your iPhone or to iPadOS 15 if you have a tablet. Security improvements have recently been delivered, particularly with iOS 15.2.1, to be found in detail right here.

Apple advises anyway to always download its most advanced operating systems, in order to avoid as much as possible potential flaws that could expose personal data to hackers.

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