iOS 15.0 is no longer available, up to iOS 15.0.1

Barre flottante iOS 15 Safari bêta 5

Apple stopped signing iOS version 15.0 a few hours ago. This means that for users who have not yet updated their machine under iOS 15, the new version offered in the settings is now iOS 15.0.1.

But this discontinuation of support for iOS 15.1 also means that users who have already updated their iPhone or iPad to iOS 15.0.1 or a beta of iOS 15.1 can no longer return to iOS 15.0.

Regularly, Apple stops signing old versions of iOS. The goal of the maneuver is to get its users to update their machine to the latest version of iOS and stay there. On the one hand, it is about protecting them by offering them the most secure and secure system available at this stage. On the other hand, Apple enjoys a unified fleet of machines under the same version of its mobile OS, which is positive for its statistics, but also to limit complaints about bugs and malfunctions, which have been numerous concerning iOS 15.0 precisely.

Notice to those who are under iOS 15.0.1, everything works fine? For my part, whether under iPad mini 6, iPad Pro 10.5 inches or even iPhone XS, nothing to report, everything is working and no bug has bothered me so far.

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