iOS 15.2 is here, along with watchOS 8.3 and iPadOS 15.2 too!

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Apple started rolling out the new final version of its mobile operating system this night: iOS 15.2. After being published in four betas followed by two release candidates, this version promises to be more stable than the previous six and anyone can now install it. Not just the developers, then.

At the same time, Apple also released iPadOS 15.2 for the general public. It is more or less the same software, except that it is optimized for tablets of the same brand. Finally, watchOS 8.3 is released, but for connected watches.

New features

  • IPhone Repair : iOS 15.2 now offers a brand new menu called Parts and Service History (the name in French remains to be defined). This section lists the components of the mobile which have been replaced and indicates whether they are original or unknown. This menu only appears if the iPhone has dealt with Apple customer service. To get there : Settings> General> About.
iPhone repair

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  • Apple Music Voice Plan : the Apple Music package at 4.99 euros per month announced during the last keynote is finally available with iOS 15.2. Only developers are entitled to it at the moment.
  • Heritage : iOS 15.2 users can also designate a legatee who will take charge of their personal data in the event of death. A solution that is reminiscent of the very similar one of Facebook.
  • App Privacy Report : to know how often your apps access your private information such as geolocation, photos, camera, microphone, contacts and more during the last seven days
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app privacy reportapp privacy report

  • Messages : safety for children
  • TV : new tab Store to buy movies and series
  • CarPlay : improved maps with cycle paths and pedestrian crossings in some towns
  • Mail : possibility to hide your address (only with an iCloud + plan) and replace it with a disposable alias
  • Notes and reminders : modification and deletion of tags
  • stock Exchange : annual performance graph
  • Apple Arcade: during a Spotlight search for a game, it is indicated “Arcade” if the game is only available through the service of the same name
  • ICloud Private Relay: name change, the function becomes Limit tracking of IP address
  • Reminders: possibilities to edit and delete tags by several in the Reminders application
  • Apple Music: it is now possible to search in a playlist
  • Camera : new icon indicating that the modemacro is activated when taking a picture and new button to activate macro mode directly from the Camera app
  • Locate: three new functions have appeared. The first is used to find objects compatible with the Locate network and declared lost, the second is used to detect a surrounding object which is currently following the user. Now also identifies the position of an iPhone up to five hours after shutdown in low battery
  • TV app: new design for the iPadOS 15 app and appearance of a Store tab
  • Emergency call : the user can now press the power button located on the edge of the iPhone several times in a row and quickly to notify the emergency services. Also works with a long press on this button and the volume button at the same time. Convenient in the event of an assault, with eight seconds elapsing before communication starts versus three before. Perhaps as a result of false positives reported by the emergency room
  • Summary of notifications : new design

iOS 15.2 summary notificationsiOS 15.2 summary notifications

How to install iOS 15.2?

Follow the method described right here for how to install iOS 15.2 on your iPhone. All you need is an internet connection and a little autonomy.

The operation is the same on a tablet, for iPadOS 15.2.

Compatible devices

iOS 15.2 can be installed on both generations of iPhone SE and on all high-end iPhones from iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The seventh-generation iPod touch qualifies for this as well, but it’s the only one.

iPadOS 15.2 is compatible with all iPad Pro, “classic” iPads from the fifth to the ninth generation, the last three iPad mini including the one with an A15 chip released this year and all iPad Air except the first.

Finally, watchOS 8.3 is offered from Series 3 and later models.

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