iOS 15.3 and 15.4 preview even before a beta rollout!

iOS 15.3

Did you think you were up to date by having installed the new version of iOS that just came out earlier this week? Nay! Our colleagues from MacRumors have indeed already managed to get their hands on the next grind. It seems simply numbered iOS 15.3, its release date remains unknown to this day.

According to the English-speaking media, which seems to have been able to consult the build directly, it would however only contain improvements that can be considered as minor. Understand that unlike iOS 15.2 for example, no additional important functionality seems to be involved. The source just specifies that some changes have taken place on the side of the Apple Podcasts app, but without specifying the content.

What’s new with iOS 15.3?

In short, iOS 15.3 would therefore benefit above all from bug fixes, better overall performance or fixes dedicated to the security of devices equipped with them. Of course, the publisher did not comment on the information, preferring not to reveal anything before the official announcements. There is also much to believe that an investigation is already underway at Cupertino to try to know the origin of these leaks …

Along with this, iOS 15.3 would also have made some changes to the options of child protection, but we had already heard about it before during a statement from the developer to The verge. Finally, the automatic downloading of magazines in Apple News + would also be affected by this update, but France is not concerned since its market is still not entitled to this app.

iOS 15.4

Finally, analytics screenshots also show that iPhone running iOS 15.4 take a walk in nature … MacRumors believes that this version could on the other hand be equipped with more powerful tools, essential this time. It should be remembered that Universal Order is still long overdue, after having been presented at the Worldwide Developer Conference …

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What do you expect from the next versions of iOS? A recent concept for what might be its Sixteenth Major Edition was released recently and may give you some ideas.

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