IOS 15 users can no longer reinstall iOS 15.0.2

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iOS 15.0.2 arrived at the same time as watchOS 8.01 no later than last October. On the menu, we were then treated to several resolutions of relatively annoying bugs, both on Watch and on iPhone. Since then, another even more advanced version has emerged. This is of course iOS 15.1, which brings with it several new features to discover in our dedicated article. We obviously invite you to install this edition for safety.

Be aware, however, that if you do, then you will not be able to go back. Indeed, Apple is now blocking the return to iOS 15.0.2 for those whose mobile is already running iOS 15.2. It’s the same with iPadOS 15.2, which is based on the same source code and has similar renewal behavior.

No worries

In fact, if Apple operates this way, it is undoubtedly for the protection of Internet users. It happens that security vulnerabilities are found in their iPhone, then patched via updates whether through the intervention of a white hat or to the discoveries of the Cupertino team itself. As seen above, it is also an opportunity to correct any technical problems that could degrade a daily experience.

By forcing you to upgrade to the latest version of iOS 15, Apple may also be taking the opportunity to harmonize its statistics. But it is above all to defend yourself against potential hackers, who compete with more and more ingenuity every day when it comes to attacking your personal data.

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  1. How can I downgrade from 15.2 to 15. It is not possible to use my Capitec bank app on my phone or can I cancel the Beta program where I am registered on?

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