iOS and iPadOS 16: 20 changes to discover

iOS 16 et écrans verrouillés

At the last WWDC conference in early June 2022, Apple announced the arrival of the following new OSes in the fall: iOS 16, iPadOS 16, tvOS 16, watchOS 9 and macOS Ventura. Let’s focus on the first two in the context of this article which aims to recap all the novelties they bring.

Below is therefore a first batch of changes underpinned by iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. We will regularly add new ones with the idea of ​​being as exhaustive as possible.

Remember that iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 will arrive in the fall. They cannot be installed on any iPhone or iPad, see the following articles to find out if your machine will be able to take advantage of them:

What’s new for iOS 16 and iPadOS 16?

  • Advanced console controller support: you can connect the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con and Pro-Controller controllers via Bluetooth to your iPhone, iPad or even Apple TV to comfortably play your favorite titles. For the Joy-Con, it is possible to play with both controllers, or with only one of the two
  • Remove Apple apps: new native Apple apps may be removed from your iPhone or iPad, as seen here, including Clock, Find My and Health
  • Option to edit a message already sent: in the Message application, you can edit an iMessage that has already been sent, up to 15 minutes after sending. The recipient, whether on iOS 16 or an older version of the system, is alerted to the editing of your message. Only works for iMessages not SMS as explained here
  • Option to delete a message already sent: similar to editing an iMessage, you have up to 15 minutes after sending a message to delete it. The recipient is notified of this deletion
  • Customizable lock screen: the locked screen can be personalized in an advanced way, wallpaper, font and even widgets
iOS 16 lock screen

© Apple

  • Schedule the sending of an email: in Mail, a new option allows the user to decide when an email should be sent, now or later, with choice of date and time
  • Cancel sending an email: like Gmail, Mail can cancel the sending of an email, if you are quick enough to maneuver (the delay is a few seconds between pressing the send button and the actual sending)
  • Visible Wi-Fi code: display in text and copy the Wi-Fi code of the network you are connected to with a simple tap in the settings
  • Clean up the Wi-Fi settings: in Settings > Wi-Fi, do “Edit” to remove certain networks from the list of known Wi-Fi networks on your iPhone if necessary
  • Limited access for deleted photos: in Photos, access to deleted photos can only be done with Face ID, Touch ID or iPhone unlock code
  • Limited access for hidden photos: like recently deleted photos, hidden photos are only visible in the Photos app to the user who can unlock the iPhone or iPad
  • Internship Manager: new window manager, wanting to facilitate multitasking on iPad (and macOS, Stage Manager also arriving under Ventura). She groups app windows into configurable sets according to her preferences
Stage Manager iPadOS 16Stage Manager iPadOS 16

© Apple

  • Easy clipping of an object in photo: easily take an object seen on a photo and detach it from the background to stick it wherever you want, in a new image, an email or a note, for example. Photoshop in two or three movements, in short
  • Managing Duplicate Contacts: the Contacts application detects duplicates and offers to merge them to clean up your contact list
  • Quick Notes on iPhone: the quick notes feature, or Quick Note, which appeared on iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey is coming to iPhone with iOS 16. It’s about being able to quickly and easily create a new Apple Notes note without opening the app
  • Improved Apple Notes and Smart Folders: you can add new types of smart folders to make it easier to access some of your notes. These folders can display notes according to different parameters, tag, creation or modification date, mentions, attachments, etc.
  • Apple Notes and new display by dates: Notes display gets new time separators, “Today”, “Previous 7 days”, “Previous 30 days”, etc.
  • Improved support for external displays: iPads with Apple silicon chips support an external display with up to 6K resolution
  • New Freeform app: new Apple application in the form of a whiteboard on which you can integrate different information, text, images, etc. in the places you want
  • Face ID in landscape mode: unlocking the iPhone or iPad can be done in landscape mode in addition to portrait mode
  • Weather app on iPad: Finally, Apple is bringing its iPhone weather application to the iPad. No more third-party weather app
iPadOS 16 native Weather appiPadOS 16 native Weather app

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