IPad dominates China’s tablet market

iPad de 8e génération et couleurs

The analyzes follow each other and are similar for the iPad. Two weeks ago, we told you about this study published by Canalys which indicated that the Apple tablet dominated the world market ahead of competitors such as Samsung and Amazon.

A bestseller with a future

It is now the turn of IDC China to publish data on tablet sales in China for the year 2020. The results are flattering for the Cupertino company which has sold 9.3 million iPads and represents 39, 8% market share.

It even has the luxury of getting ahead of Huawei on its land, which weighs only 35.1% of the market share. Overall, the pandemic effect played very little in the Middle Empire tablet industry. It follows an upward momentum that is already perceptible in 2019.

Launched with great fanfare by Steve Jobs eleven years ago, the connected tablet therefore continues its favorable dynamic. Far from resting on its laurels, Apple is working on a redesign of its so-called “classic” iPad. So a 9th generation iPad would be in sight and it should be inspired by the aesthetic characteristics of the iPad Air 3.

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