IPad OLED is not expected to launch in 2022

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For a few months now, the possibility of seeing Apple working together with Samsung on an OLED screen for the iPad Air has been mentioned. The latter should see the light of day in 2022 according to rumors before an OLED iPad Pro comes to enrich the range in 2023. To believe some The Elec, however, it has just been canceled by the Cupertino company.

According to our colleagues, the company is somewhat disappointed with the progress of its Korean rival on this issue. Apple would have liked to see an OLED screen with two “batteries” but Samsung offers a device with only one “battery”.

An OLED iPad Pro in 2023?

This choice would have concrete consequences on the brightness of the screen and its autonomy would not be sufficient in relation to customer expectations. For its part, Samsung would opt for a single “battery” because using two would not be profitable, unless this device was sold for a very long time.

The Elec However, specifies that this setback would not call into question the release of an OLED iPad Pro in 2023. It seems indeed that the technology used for these models is different from that of the iPad Air.

The situation has apparently evolved from last July when a report from DSCC, a site specializing in the screen market, bet on an iPad Air OLED release in 2022 and an iPad Pro in 2023 .

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For his part, the renowned analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, believes that Apple will favor mini-LED LCD screen technology for its next iPad Pro. According to him, this model should remain like this for several generations before switching to OLED.

As we can see, everything can change very quickly and we will keep you informed on the duration of these different developments.

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