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iPad Air 2022

The keynote of Tuesday March 8 allowed Apple to present a series of new devices that are quite powerful. This goes for the iPhone SE 3 compatible with 5G, or even the Mac Studio. The announcement of the iPad Air 5 was also one of the highlights of this event.

iPad Air 5 64 GB 5G at the best price Base price: €869

What do the first comparisons say?

And precisely, while the pre-orders are already launched, the first independent performance tests are currently being carried out. According to the Geekbench 5 database, the new tablet would get performance quite close to the iPad Pro models. A detail that counts insofar as the latter are more expensive.

In detail, we note that the iPad Air 5 obtains scores often close to 7200. Taken in isolation this figure does not tell us much, but if we compare it to the iPad Pro it becomes interesting. Thus, the 11-inch and 12.9-inch models obtain almost similar results with 7218 and 7219 respectively.

M1 processors on all the latest iPad models

On closer inspection, this finding is not surprising, since the new 10.9-inch tablet features the same M1 processor as its predecessors. For its next pro models, however, it is believed that the Apple brand will integrate M2 chips. It remains to be seen when this transition will be made.

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For your part, what do you think of the new iPad Air 5? Would you be tempted by a purchase or would you prefer to wait for new models?

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