IPhone 12 Pro Max outperforms Galaxy S21 Ultra

iPhone 12 Pro Max

With the new phones from Samsung just appearing and their release on the market now slated for just a few days, a Tech YouTuber by the name of C4ETech wanted to compare Samsung’s top-end model. (Galaxy S21 Ultra) with its rival in Apple (iPhone 12 Pro Max), in order to measure the performance gap between the two phones.

If the new model from Samsung has an Exynos 2100 chip whose critics say the greatest good, it is still a lion to be able to compete with Apple products and in particular the very latest A14 which is a real performance machine. The only area of ​​a speedtest at the Korean brand had, in recent years, gained the upper hand over its Californian opponent, is in the management of multitasking, the level of RAM of Samsung products being better than those of Apple.

The iPhone in a world apart

But with the arrival of the A14 processor and the iPhone 12, the level of RAM in Apple’s phones has jumped to 6 GB, enough to make the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s multitasking faster and smoother. that of Samsung’s phone.

The Korean, yet a regular at speedtests has never managed to have performance equivalent to the model of the Cupertino company. Worse yet, when the test asked the two phones to switch from application to application, favoring opening very heavy games, Samsung’s phone was struggling. Where the iPhone completed the program in one minute and fourteen seconds, the Galaxy S21 Ultra took him nine seconds longer, an eternity for two high-end smartphones.

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Another test was done with the version of the Galaxy S21 ultra which includes a Snapdragon 888 processor, but again the results have turned, without question, in favor of the iPhone.

Other criteria to take into account

It is still good to remember that this test only gives results on the raw performance of the two phones. There are obviously a lot of other criteria to consider before saying that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is a much better device. More complete tests will have to be carried out on the two phones in order to know if there is a real domination of Apple’s product over the model of its competitor. As far as gross performance is concerned, this gap is clear and indisputable.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 128 GB

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