iPhone 13 price could drop 15% as early as September

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Like every year, Apple is preparing for the start of the school year to publish the new version of its smartphone: the iPhone. If the year 2022 should see many changes, starting with the return of an iPhone Max instead of the iPhone mini, the release of this new range of phones could change a lot of things on Apple’s side .

Indeed, a new report from the company SellCell has just estimated that the average resale price should fall by 15% when this new model is released. If the phenomenon is logical and expected, it is its magnitude that surprises. Indeed, iPhones are known to have a very slow price evolution, especially compared to their Android competitors, but this year the evolutions of the iPhone 14 could change the situation.

The exception of 2021 seems to be confirmed

As SellCell explains, people who want to change their phone must now act quickly to get their iPhone 13 taken back at the best price. It is indeed this model that should be the most impacted by the fall in prices for Apple devices.

If last year, the average price of the iPhone 12 had fallen by 15.7% a few weeks after the release of the iPhone 13, this figure could therefore be confirmed again this year. In general, Apple phones lose between 5 and 10% of their value from one year to another, but for 2 years things are accelerating.

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In its SellCell report, however, tempers and explains that the products of the Apple brand regain part of their value in the months following the release of a new device. In other words, if you want to buy an iPhone 13, it’s better to wait until next month, but then it won’t be long.

More or less expensive iPhones depending on the era

Over time, the price of a smartphone inevitably evolves. If this fluctuation depends above all on demand, Apple tries to limit the oscillations as much as possible and thus reduce periods of strong sales and those where everyone is waiting for a lower price.

This notion does not stick with the brand image of Apple, which wants to be a brand on the border between the “common” and the affordable. Having an iPhone is not an extraordinary act, millions of people around the world have made this choice, but this phone stands out from the others, by its shape, its power, but also, its price.

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