iPhone 13 Pro makes three short films

iPhone 13 Pro

On Boxing Day, Apple shared three new videos of about a minute long on how to get the most out of the back sensor on its iPhone 13 Pro. The device, unveiled to the general public last September, has also recently been crowned with best product for filming clips. An award from Marques Brownlee, American youtuber.

One of the flagship characteristics of this mobile is indeed its new “Kinematic mode”Which offers the possibility of achieving intelligent autofocus according to the scene, even in motion. It is that we can see in the video Detectives, to find below. The content is in English, but it is possible to activate the subtitles.


In the second video, it’s the 3x optical zoom of the iPhone 13 Pro which is in the spotlight. Quite astonishing, given that the official Apple data sheet assures that this zoom out is limited to 2x while it is the front camera which can zoom in 3x. What’s more, we don’t really notice any grain, which is quite improbable at such a distance: it’s a safe bet that some retouching is involved.

The digital zoom, meanwhile, reaches 15x.

Low light

Finally, Apple has also planned a video reminding that the iPhone 13 Pro is a relatively good student when it comes to recording in low light.

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Judge for yourself:

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