iPhone 13 Pro Max takes incredible photos of the Milky Way

Vue des 3 capteurs photo de l'iPhone 13 Pro Max à l'arrière

Despite the progress in smartphone photography in recent years, there is one question that still divides photographers: can we have enough of a mobile to make high quality prints?

Julien Grondin, professional photographer and reader of iPhon.fr, gave us some answers with very telling arguments: 3 photographs of the Milky Way, at night therefore, taken with his iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Milky way photo night view with mountain on the horizon

© Julien Grondin

Milky Way Night ShotMilky Way Night Shot

© Julien Grondin

Photo of the night sky with milky wayPhoto of the night sky with milky way

© Julien Grondin

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The detail of his shot

Julien Grondin was kind enough to detail the procedure that allowed him to achieve these magnificent results:

  • Choice of location: the photos were taken in Auvergne
  • Grip material: iPhone 13 Pro Max and tripod
iPhone 13 Pro Max on a tripod for night photographyiPhone 13 Pro Max on a tripod for night photography

© Julien Grondin

  • Shooting : night mode activated on the iPhone and set to 30 seconds exposure. For each photo, approximately 10 photographs are recorded. This so-called “stacking” technique in astrophotography (photography of the night sky) makes it possible to limit noise and improve the visibility of certain details
  • Size: the photographs were recorded in ProRAW
  • Retouching: in Lightroom and Photoshop, work on contrasts and colorimetry was finally done
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We can only admire the result, which shows that the iPhone, and more particularly the latest 13 Pro Max model, is a very good camera. The results it can deliver, both day and night, are impressive. Provided all the same to know a little bit, especially for post-production work.

Thanks to Julien Grondin for sharing his experience. His work can be found on his instagram.

Are there any other professional and/or enthusiast photographers among you who work a lot on the iPhone? If so, with which model?

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