IPhone 13 stocks appear to be leveling

iPhone 13

JP Morgan recently shared a new note to its investors updating its figures regarding iPhone shipments. Samik Chatterjee specifies that on average, the iPhone 13s are now offered with a delivery time of three days to customers. Only the iPhone 13 Pro, which would in all likelihood be the most popular, escapes the rule with around five days.

The strengths of this device that seem to convince the public are above all its improved rear photo sensor, which has three lenses (not counting LiDAR) against two on the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 mini, but also its positioning. more affordable than the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The latter is not more powerful, nevertheless its screen is more imposing: 6.7 inches on the meter.

A record quarter (again) in sight!

Our analyst also believes that finally matching available stocks to the number of orders would be rather beneficial for Apple. It would even be here a sign particularly encouraging in favor of the next quarterly results, which we will have the chance to discover in detail by the end of January.

Everything suggests, moreover, that this will be, once again, the most prolific from the mark to the apple. It is approaching three trillion valuation on Wall Street, a score that could grow even more with the release of a mixed reality headset from 2022. In the longer term, an autonomous or at least electric car is also expected. at Apple.

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And in France ?

In France, Apple also seems to have resolved the delays that could have pushed some customers to turn to the competition at the holiday season. The various resellers, official stores but also approved partners all offer to send you your iPhone under seven days, great maximum. Some exceptions are certainly likely to remain depending on the region, but the trend is much more acceptable than before Christmas.

Do you think the gifts of the New Year will tip the scales again in favor of Android brands? Unless Apple holds up?

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