IPhone 13s would be the best mobile investment possible

iPhone 13 Pro

A survey carried out by SellCell, which specializes in the resale of refurbished mobiles, explained in early October that the public seemed to be largely uninterested in the iPhone 13. Its technical sheet is thus considered to be still too close to that of the previous model, which would not encourage them to be up to date. But new data collected by the site and shared this week shows that the new range would in fact be one of the most profitable for resale.

Thus, two to three months after purchase, the iPhone 13 would already lose 50% less value than the iPhone 12. If we take the example of the iPhone 13 Pro with an internal storage capacity of 512 GB, its resale value would thus be $ 950 for a base price of $ 1,299 in the United States. In France, the device costs 1,509 euros. As for the iPhone 12 Pro with the same storage space, its price is simply divided by two used.

A record, all brands combined

With a resale price only 25% cheaper than new on average, the iPhone 13 used or whose box has been opened are the smartphones that retain the most value over time. Of course they’re only a few weeks old and those numbers are likely to change in the future, but the trend is there. It could then be a matter of luck for all those disappointed with their gifts under the tree.

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Surprisingly, we also see that some devices would sell better after two months rather than four to five weeks after their acquisition. This is particularly the case of the iPhone 13 Pro Max with 1TB of storage, gaining 1.4% in overall value from October to November. We can also cite its variation with 128 GB of memory, the price of which has lost 19% after one month but only 17.2% after two months.

Scarcity would influence demand

While it is difficult to know why the iPhone 13 is the one with the best resale price (also when compared to the iPhone 11), there may be some explanations behind the long delivery times that Apple is offering right now. The iPhone 13 therefore becomes more difficult to find for a specific date, despite the indications of its manufacturer to avoid delays during the holidays.

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