iPhone and Apple Watch to detect neurocognitive deficit?

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Mild cognitive impairment, or MCI in English, for Mild Cognitive Oddly, is a cognitive disorder that several medical theories associate with Alzheimer’s disease. It could be the first phase of the disease, which is why its detection is essential for an effective management of the patient and the prevention of a development towards neurodegenerative dementia.

But it is still difficult to spot symptoms of MCI in a person who has it, it is mainly mild memory impairment. The deficit is found in around 15% of those over 65.

But the iPhone and the Apple Watch could have their role to play in this health issue linked to aging. In any case, this is what the Biogen laboratory will try to show with the help of a new study launched recently.

It will be a question of determining whether the Apple watch and smartphone are capable, by underpinning tests of cognitive performance, of detect the first signs of mild cognitive impairment.

If the results confirm the initial hypothesis, the Apple Watch would be an even more useful health companion, especially for the elderly. With other assets such as the ECG, capable of alerting in the event of heart problems, or the detection of falls, involving the call to a contact in the event of the user falling, the watch, accompanied by the iPhone, has long been no more than a simple connected jewel, but a true ally for good health.

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And if it allowed Alzheimer’s disease to be detected in the future, Apple would also like to make it an analysis tool for people with diabetes, but also an even more powerful device in terms of monitoring with the measurement of blood pressure.

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