IPhone apps synced with M1 Macs no longer open

Mac M1

It is generally easy to link your Apple devices to each other thanks to the dedicated features offered by their publisher. Despite everything, it happens that some technical problems come to block this solution, as is the case since last December according to multiple testimonies shared on Reddit by buyers of the latest Mac models.

As a reminder, these differ from their predecessors by the integration of a completely new M1 processor specially designed by Apple and no longer by Intel. This also allows machines equipped with it to achieve better performance, but not without some incidents.

Unexpected closure and solution

Indeed, after synchronizing your iOS smartphone with a Mac M1, it is possible that none of the third-party apps does not want to open on the associated iPhone. At most, these crash directly after trying to access them. This therefore makes the software almost completely inoperative, especially since the iPads are also affected.

To remedy this, the only alternative would be to pair the mobile or tablet in question again, but this time with a Mac running Catalina or a later version of its operating system. Not very practical, but effective until Apple offers an update to remedy the bug. This should not take long if the firm follows its habits in this area.

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