iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch can be repaired at FNAC and at Darty

réparateur indépendant Apple

During the course of the year, the FNAC/Darty group should become a repairer approved by Apple, the group’s brands equipped with a “Wefix” space will thus be able to support Apple products in the same way as an Apple Store. or an iConcept.

Today, there are nearly 140 WeFix points of sale in France, a store network acquired by the group three years ago and which will therefore take a new step. Now that the certification has been given by Apple, people traveling with a faulty or broken device will therefore be able to benefit from a repair with official Apple parts.

WeFix repairers will therefore be able to offer services of the same quality as in an Apple Store. We do not know at the moment whether the rates offered by WeFix will be more attractive to consumers or not.

Apple evokes a privileged partner

For its part, Apple explains that the FNAC / Darty group is a historical partner of Apple, the latter selling Apple products for more than three decades. With its massive presence in France, the group is the leading reseller of Apple products in France.

This place of choice for Apple explains why the request for certification was accepted without much discussion, although Enrique Martinez, general manager of the FNAC/Darty group, explained that it took more than two years to acquire this precious sesame.

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Changing consumer habits

It will be interesting to see the evolution of the attendance of WeFix brands. The arrival of this certification from Apple could be a first step, but the group will have to communicate on this subject, Apple customers having become accustomed for years to go to the Apple Store in case of problem with one of the products of the Cupertino company.

For the moment no clear date has been given concerning the arrival of the certification, but it should be done in the next few months, certainly the time that the WeFix teams are trained and that they receive the official repair parts from Apple.

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