iPhone SE 3: what do consumers think?

iPhone SE 3 concept

The big day has come. Tonight, from 7 p.m., you will be able to follow the Apple keynote live with us. Among the highlights of this event, which will still be held virtually, we should see the presentation of a new iPhone SE 3. This smartphone could be 5G compatible and have improved capabilities, while maintaining a moderate price compared to others. Apple brand phones.

Many users could be tempted by the iPhone SE 3

A recent survey allows us to better understand the expectations of consumers concerning it. It was conducted by SellCell with 2,500 US iPhone users. First of all, we can note that 40% of respondents say they plan to buy the new iPhone SE 3.

Similarly, 24% of respondents plan to use it as their primary device in the future, while 16% will pick it up as a secondary phone or gift it to someone else. Interestingly, current iPhone 11 users are the most likely to switch to an iPhone SE 3.

Among the top reasons Apple customers might opt ​​for this new device, 29.4% cite the low price, 25.5% would do so for an upgrade, 15.2% for 5G, and 11 .3% for its compact size.

Finally, among those who do not intend to buy this new device, 66.2% say they are satisfied with their current model, and 9.3% expect the probable launch of the new iPhone 14 at the end of the year.

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A few more hours of patience and we will probably discover the iPhone SE 3. On your side, are you waiting for this new smartphone?

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