iPhone SE 5G, iOS 16 “Sydney” and end of the notch on iPhone 14?

iPhone 14 Pro concept

This is it: we are in 2022, and it is time for Apple to renew its most popular mobiles. On the menu, to recap, the Californian giant would therefore prepare a third generation iPhone SE and of course the successors of the iPhone 13. These would still be available in four models, but with a difference in size.

Analysts indeed assume that the “mini” format will be abandoned, in favor of a second 6.7-inch device but without all the other advantages of the Pro Max (photo, 120 Hz, stainless steel). But that’s not the only detail that would change.

Say hello to the punch

Mark Gurman believes that Apple could finally say goodbye to the unsightly notch that sits atop its laptops. But beware, because another important information is not specified by the journalist: only Pro editions actually seem concerned. The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, for their part, will probably not be entitled to the simple punch, retaining the notch.

The names of the suppliers who would manufacture the associated slabs, too, have already leaked in the press. It would be the Koreans Samsung and LG, whose know-how in this area is already recognized given that Android mobiles have been benefiting from it for several months already.

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A faster iPhone SE?

Probably scheduled for late March or even early April, the third generation of the iPhone SE should keep the affordable price range and perhaps even lower the bill even more, thus signing a phenomenal success and already announced by several investment funds. Of course, let us remember that there is no certainty yet to support these remarks, but the trend is significant.

Another element of the iPhone SE 3 is also about to change: its modem. It would thus switch from 4G to 5G, with here also a marketing argument that could woo the crowds.

iOS 16 “Sydney”

Finally, Gurman finally reveals the code name of iOS 16 that Apple employees would use in internal : Sydney. However, this formula has little chance of being retained over time.

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