IPhone Shipments Now Banned


The iPhone 13s are now produced in India. Among the assemblers who have relocated locally, we can notably mention Wistron, whose activities have recently experienced some setbacks but also Foxconn, one of the leaders among Apple’s subcontractors alongside Samsung and TSMC. However, a recent incident simply brought to a halt one of the factories belonging to Hon Hai.

Indeed, the local authorities are carrying out investigations following slowdowns also caused by employees protesting against their working conditions. Worse ; food poisoning would also have raised questions from officials. After a quick analysis of the situation, the latter then confirmed that the framework offered to employees on a daily basis was not in order before ordering an upgrade, otherwise the circuits could not restart.

Several thousand workers on the sidelines

Among the seventeen thousand contractors of the complex, they will only be less than 6% to relaunch the production chain next Thursday. The investigation of indian government has shown in particular that there are certain health risks linked to water and food in the places where employees live. But that’s not all, since the absence of electric current would also be a problem.

This is by no means the first time that such accusations have been made against Foxconn. Among the worst, we can also cite the suicides many of its employees attributed to the pressure on the office. A situation which also concerns Apple directly, since a seller of the Apple Store found himself under fire from his manager’s criticism before ending his life.

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Late for the New Year?

According to the sources we have been able to consult, the Foxconn factory, which has stopped its deliveries, primarily manufactures iPhone 12 and iPhone 11. Although these models are still available in stores, they are not among the most popular. However, we do not know if the iPhone 13 are also affected, or if therefore a shortage is expected in France.

No call for a boycott seems to have been launched by prominent Internet users for the moment. However, a strike movement having broken out at Apple not long ago, the idea could also germinate among its providers.

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