iPhone tougher than ever in these ads

iPhone 13 étanche

Apple has just uploaded two new advertisements on its official YouTube channel. The first, called edgecertainly recalls the brand of Samsung for its curved mobiles but is also the translation of “edge“, which is quickly understood in view of the scenario. Indeed, we see an iPhone 13 placed on a table but very close to the void and which begins to vibrate when receiving a call from a certain Fernando.

Inevitably, what had to happen happened: after a few seconds of warning, the iPhone ends up falling. But do not panic: the production explains immediately: “Relax, it’s iPhone“. Understand: “Relax is the iPhone”, recalling that the device is in fact capable of dealing with this kind of incident. Indeed, its glass face is protected by a “Ceramic Shield” cover, under this name hiding in fact the Gorilla Glass Victus technology of the American subcontractor Corning.

A waterproof mobile, under conditions

The second advertisement of the day, shake, begins at the edge of a swimming pool where the protagonist uses her blue iPhone 13, sitting on a deck chair. At his side stands his dog, with semi-long hair, who spontaneously decides to cool off by throwing himself into the pool. Except that here, after having taken advantage of it, our canine returns to his mistress and shakes himself with all his being… obviously projecting a number of droplets on his phone. Rebelote: “Relax, it’s iPhone“.

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Something to remind us that the iPhone 13 is indeed able to resist not only splashes, but alsoimmersion. Apple specifies that it is possible to reach up to six meters deep for thirty minutes (maximum) without damaging the device. But be careful, because not sure that this standard is respected with chlorine, salt or any other substance that the manufacturer would not have approved in the laboratory.

The hull, essential?

Even if these technical advantages are undeniable in the face of mobiles which are not entitled to them, it is good to remember that a silicone protection as well as a tempered glass film to cover the screen are always welcome. In fact, above a certain height, the front glass can still break, while the aluminum outline can crease. With stainless steel, the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max do a little better.

Prices start at 55 euros at Apple for a case for the iPhone 13, compatible with wireless charging via MagSafe.

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