IPhone users remain very loyal to Apple

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Regularly, surveys are carried out to measure loyalty to different brands of smartphones. They are one indicator among others to measure the long-term attachment of customers to a manufacturer.

These studies tend to confirm Apple and this is confirmed once again with this survey by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. Thus, with regard to the United States, the Cupertino company has a loyalty rate of 90%. In other words, 90% of customers who buy an iPhone owned an Apple smartphone before.

“It’s easier to change brands in the Android ecosystem”

Loyalty is also 90% for Android manufacturers but the latter face much greater competition. Moreover, Samsung has posted a rate of less than 70% over the past three years, while a company like LG is now below 40%.

Analysts from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners specify on this subject: ” It’s easier to switch brands within the Android operating system than between Android and iOS, and loyalty to each operating system has held steady at around 90% over the past few years. Despite this, among Android smartphones, Samsung has the most loyalty, with around two-thirds of Samsung buyers having owned another Samsung immediately before.

These data are ultimately fairly stable over time. According to a Sellcell survey published last March, 92% of iPhone buyers do not want to go to the competition. A figure significantly higher than that of Samsung, since more than a quarter of its customers expressed desire for change.

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This loyal customer base probably explains Apple’s very good results over time. You can also find the statements presented yesterday by the company for this last quarter with a record summer and, perhaps, a cannonball end of the year.

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