IPhone virtualization is legal according to American justice

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The story began last year. When Correlium, a computer security research company, offered its own iPhone virtualization solution to its customers.

Since then, Apple had taken the latter to court, for plagiarism and infringement of copyright. The apple brand explains in fact that being the only company to have paternity on the iPhone, it must be the only one able to offer a virtualization solution for the latter. The use of Apple’s technology by Correlium is therefore illegal.

However, American justice decided otherwise. According to information from the Washington Post, Correlium won a first legal battle against Apple, and can still offer its iPhone virtualization solution.

“Fair” use of Apple’s code

Indeed, according to Judge Smith, of Florida, there is no violation of Apple’s copyright, since Correlium’s solution does not offer a competing product, but is an additional aid to secure the whole. of iPhone users. Justice has notably retained Correlium’s main argument around the “fair” use of Apple’s code.

Apple, for its part, criticizes that the security flaws on which Correlium’s technology is based could make it “dangerous”, it could fall into “the wrong hands” because, according to Apple, Correlium would sell its virtualization solution. iPhone has anyone without doing extensive research beforehand. An argument, advanced without real evidence, that the defense was quick to dispute.

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Apple pays dearly to find bugs in iOS

While waiting to know the verdict of this case, which may still have new developments. Apple has set up a large “anti-bug” research plan within iOS. Since the beginning of December, the Apple brand has been sending phones of its design to computer researchers for them to look for vulnerabilities in iOS. A job that can earn them up to $ 1.5 million depending on the severity of the bug discovered.

This method, if it has the merit of making iOS more secure, ultimately seeks to ban the security solutions that companies like Correlium offer today, and which overshadow Apple’s own solutions.

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