IPhone would call for help soon after car crash


According to information from Wall Street Journal, a new feature that allows Apple Watch and iPhone to automatically call the fire department in the event of a traffic accident is reportedly in the works. However, we still do not know which devices could be compatible or even if the user will have the choice to deactivate it or not. It should be remembered that false positives are not uncommon in this type of case, thus provoking the anger of 112.

According to WSJ, accident recognition could see the light of day in 2022. During this period, three product lines are expected:

  • the third generation iPhone SE (with perhaps a Plus version)
  • the Apple Watch Series 8
  • iPhone 14

Assuming that this future solution uses – as for geolocation – sensors already present in our current mobiles including the accelerometer and the gyroscope, it is also likely that a simple update of the operating system will do the trick. case. The latest news is that watchOS 8.1 and iOS 15.1 are leading the way among the general public.

Large-scale data collection

To validate the effectiveness of its algorithm, Apple would have analyzed anonymous statistics from thousands of iPhones and Apple Watch belonging to everyone. Recordings preceding calls to 911 (emergency number in the United States) would be given priority, the manufacturer believing that such behavior following a hypothetical impact may correspond to a crash.

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If the information is confirmed, this will in fact not be the first time that Apple has worked on a service whose ambition is to guarantee us more safety in the car. Indeed, no later than 2020, the firm had been seen at the helm of a patent aimed at improving the well-known airbag system. There has of course been no official follow-up since, nevertheless it is no longer rare to hear rumors of this ilk as the Apple Car project seems to be gaining momentum. It could be an electric and autonomous vehicle, manufactured by Cupertino and compatible with the rest of its ecosystem.

Only for the more expensive models?

Assuming that accident detection emerges, it is safe to assume that such an advantage will be limited to Apple’s more expensive items. The Blood Oxygen app and the ECG app are therefore only delivered with the Series 7, while the Series 3 still does not include fall detection.

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