iPhones still outperform Androids

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This is a very interesting study provided to us by the company SellCell. Note that the latter officiates in the United States and it is therefore the American market. According to company data, there is therefore only one Android smartphone in the top 5 trade-in values ​​one year after their launch.

Values ​​still solid one year after launch

Thus, the Pixel 5 loses almost 50% of its value while the smartphones of the Cupertino company are doing much better. This is the case for the iPhone 12 Pro Max (31.7%), the iPhone 12 Pro (33.8%), the iPhone 12 (34.3%) and the iPhone 12 Mini ( 43.8%). Conversely, some Motorola and LG Android smartphones lose between 82 and 85% in one year.

This report also indicates that iPhone owners are the most likely to trade in their phone at the end of their one- or two-year contract with their carrier. Thus nine of the ten most traded phones are Apple smartphones. Quoted by 9to5mac, the authors of the report explain as follows:

The iPhone 11 takes first place, and the 11 Pro Max fourth. This outcome is to be expected, as people will have reached the end of their two-year contract on these phones in 2021. Thus, consumers will have traded in their devices as they prepare for an upgrade.

They add : ” Likewise, it makes sense to see the iPhone 12 Pro Max in third place. The 12-month contracts on the iPhone 12 will end in 2021, and the 12 Pro Max also held its value last year. So when the iPhone 13 launched in limited numbers, savvy iPhone 12 Pro Max owners knew they had some great value devices, so they traded them in for great prices. »

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In the past, other similar results had been observed. And this was particularly the case for the iPhone X in 2018.

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