Irina Baeva and the exercises with which she maintains an incredible rearguard

Irina Baeva and the exercises with which she maintains an incredible rearguard

Irina Baeva He boasts a spectacular physique at 28 years old. To achieve this she knows that she has to keep in shape with a healthy diet and a good exercise routine. And if you’ve ever wondered what the basics of Irina during her training, today we leave you the ones that cannot be missing when training.

In a video he recorded for the magazine Maxim Last year, Irina shared four easy ways to strengthen and tone your legs. The first consists of side leg steps, which must be done in a row for 40 seconds with each side and trying to maintain a straight posture.

Continue with standing horse kicksLike the previous one, it should be done for 40 seconds with each leg flexing properly. Follow up with an exercise called donkey kick which is done with the hands and knees on the ground, and with the help of an elastic band; very similar to the previous one, you should do backward leg curls for 40 seconds on each side.

Finally there is the fire hydrant which is similar to the third and consists of flexing the legs laterally while kneeling; the band helps to apply more force. Like the previous ones, it is 40 seconds for each leg. All of these exercises help to strengthen the glutes and the best thing is that they can be done without the help of special equipment.

So now you know what are the four exercises that cannot be missing from Irina’s routine. There is no doubt that the famous woman knows very well how to stay in shape.

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