Is Eiza González in the wake of Megan Fox in Michael Bay’s latest film?

¿Sigue Eiza González la estela de Megan Fox en la última película de Michael Bay?

Eiza Gonzalez.

Photo: LISA O’CONNOR / AFP / Getty Images

The new project of Eiza Gonzalez in Hollywood has led her to put herself under the orders of Michael Bay in a remake from a 2005 Danish film titled “Ambulance” in which she plays a paramedic, but it seems that the connection between actress and director would not be too good.

The portal Page Six He has just published some photographs, taken on the set of filming on Wednesday, that show a heated conversation, to define it in some way, between the Mexican and the famous filmmaker during which she would not have stopped gesturing vehemently. Bay, for her part, seems to be calm at all times, although her facial expressions are difficult to read because she is wearing a mask. In the end, he ends up being the one who puts an end to the supposed discussion, turning around and going to talk to the star of the film, Jake gyllenhall.

It should be remembered that in the past Michael Bay has had problems with another of his female leads, Megan fox, who called her “Hitlerian” her handling of her crew and cast on set, and he returned the favor by helping cement her reputation as an “insufferable actress.” The director was in charge of giving him his first film role at age 15 with a cameo in the aftermath of “Bad boys”, in which Megan appeared briefly dancing under a waterfall, clad in a bikini and with high heels, and later directed her in the first two installments of the series of “Transformers”, although I would end up replacing it with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in the third.

In time, the two ended up making amends: Bay selected her for the “Teenage mutant ninja turtles” and she defended him in the first weeks of the #MeToo movement clarifying that she had never felt a victim of any type of aggression, harassment or discrimination of a sexual nature while they worked together, no matter how radically their styles were.

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