Is iPhone water resistance misleading?

iPhone 13

Three plaintiffs have attempted to join in class action in the United States, to denounce the promise of waterproofness of the iPhone. This one is indeed regularly the one because some consider it exaggerated. The tests carried out in laboratory by Apple may in particular be quite different from the conditions encountered in reality.

The judge in charge of the case in New York, for her part, considered that even if the information provided by the manufacturer may be confusing, the prosecution did not failed to provide sufficient evidence for the case to continue. This would have required demonstrating that the purchase of their iPhone was based on its water resistance.

Watch out for warranty

In any case, it is of course advisable to expose your iPhone to liquids as little as possible so as not to breach its warranty which offers free repair. You should also know that if immersion is quite safe with neutral water, this is not the case, for example, if it is salty.

Depending on the model, there are also some criteria to consider before any contact with water. To know them, you must first consult the protection index communicated by the manufacturer. For the iPhone 13 Pro, this is the index IP68. This allows -in theory- not to damage the device up to six meters deep and for thirty minutes.

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Some scenarios are out of the ordinary

It still happens that iPhones manage to hold out in even more delicate situations and for longer. Recently, a former model had been talked about for having survived after six months spent at the bottom of a lake.

It was an iPhone 11, which is still possible to buy in the Apple Store and at resellers.

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