Is it haunted? Get to know the house where the ghost of Pedro Infante appears

¿Está embrujada? Conoce la casa en la que se aparece el fantasma de Pedro Infante

The legacy of Pedro Infante he is still alive almost 64 years after his death, as evidenced by the various tributes he has received to honor his memory and thus prevent his voice from fading forever.

This Thursday the Mexican program ‘Today’ dedicated a section to the house that ‘The Immortal’ had in the city ​​of Mérida, southeast of Mexico.

The reason your property was discussed is because Carlos Trejo, the famous ‘Ghostbusters’, collected a series of materials that would demonstrate the presence of paranormal phenomena inside the historic building.

Trejo assures that, during his stay in the place, he was able to capture a series of psychophonies in which a voice said the phrases ‘I don’t know why it will be cold’ and ‘There was the road’, as well as he was able to appreciate a silhouette with the help from your camera.

“These audios were recorded when the tombs are being seen. What an extraordinary thing, ”said Trejo.

In that house the remains of Pedro Infante were veiled, this being the possible reason why his spirit continues to roam his rooms.

“The house is just as Pedro left it. This door that you see here has a very special symbolism because, after the accident, his body was veiled here. He was veiled in this place, ”said Trejo.

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After his death the house was looted and not only personal items were stolen, but also his cars and a harley davidso motorcyclen, of which there were only two in all of Mexico.

Contrary to what happens with the properties of some celebrities, that of the also actor, located at Avenida Aviación and Calle 73, It is not in the abandonment, because it houses a hotel.

Despite the twist that was given, the Hotel Boulevard Infante, which consists of 80 rooms, preserves various elements that belonged to Pedro Infante in life, who adopted this address as his rest home.

Although throughout this time various renovations have been carried out, and it is even currently under construction, the hotel continues to preserve the pool, bar, garage and meeting room that were so enjoyed by him.

The meeting room was transformed into the Pedro Infante gallery, where outfits, a television, a telephone, a recording chair and photographs are exhibited that take us back in time and lead us to live in the 50s.

The price per night in a single or double room is $ 900 pesos ($ 44 dollars), while in the junior suite it is $ 1,050 pesos ($ 51 dollars).

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