Is it Penalized by Google?

John Mueller, search web master trends analyst at Google recently spoke about automated content generation using AI and automatic writing software based on artificial intelligences such as GTP-3. Automatically generated texts, even non-duplicate, are considered SPAM by Google and contrary to its quality guidelines. A risk of manual penalization exists. Should we be worried though? Can Google Detect Auto-Generated Text? What are the risks involved?

Content generation software: texts automatically generated by AI are considered SPAM by Google!

Content generation and automatic writing software such as Jasper (formerly Jarvis) or Semji (which embeds an AI content generation functionality in addition to the analysis of SERPS and existing content) all use AI, in particular GTP-3, to generate non-duplicate phrases in an automated way.

In view of the development of these tools, John Muellerweb master trends analyst at Google recently warned webmasters and SEOs: the generation of texts and articles by AI is contrary to Google’s quality guidelines.

According to the web master trends analyst, texts written automatically by tools are considered by Google as SPAM since it is automatically generated content, although using a different approach from content spinning, also officially not recommended.

What is automatically generated content according to Google?

A text that was not entirely written by a human and has been automatically generated by AI or auto-editing software is considered automatically generated content by Google.

Can Google currently detect auto-drafted text?

John Mueller remained quite vague on this point without confirming that Google was currently able to formally and automatically detect whether or not content was generated by an AI.

However, specialized software generating this type of content such as Jasper Where Semji maintain that the content created is unique, the risks of automated detection are therefore very low.

he is also very difficult for Google’s anti-spam teams to manually detect automatically generated content as the possible uses of these tools can be varied.

What are the risks of using texts automatically generated by AI?

Although Google is currently unable to algorithmically detect the automatic generation of texts on a website, the search engine’s anti-spam teams could occasionally apply manual actions to sites that use these practices contrary to their quality guidelines.

The risks of penalization are therefore currently quite limited…

How to limit the risks of manual penalty by using automatic drafting tools?

The best way to take advantage of AI content generation software while limiting the risk of manual penalization by Google is to use them as writing aids while manually reworking the automatically generated texts.

On Google’s side, at this stage, regardless of the use made of these tools, the result will be considered as SPAM if the use is detected by the anti-spam teams.

PS: If you want to test the quality of content auto-drafted by AI-powered auto-drafting tools, you can get 10,000 free words with this tool.


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