Is Laura Zapata Thalia’s real mother?

Is Laura Zapata Thalia's real mother?

There has been a myth for several years that suggests that Laura Zapata is Thalía’s real mother, and not Yolanda Miranda, as she is known. The speculations continue to revolve to this day and arose from a comment that Lucero’s mother would have made in a private group.

Zapata answered the questions in an interview with the entertainment journalist Inés Moreno. “Family secret, I imagine that with a criterion like this, right? That they want to look good with others and that someone who has a child and the mother has to say ‘it’s mine’, which has happened, but it’s not my case,” he said.

In this way, the actress denied the motherhood bond with the interpreter of “Equivocada” and assured that they are only half-sisters. Let us remember that Zapata is the result of the first marriage of Yolanda Andrade with Guillermo Zapata, while the renowned singer is the daughter of Ernesto Sodi, who is also the father of Ernestina.

The 65-year-old actress assured that she would never have been able to deny the existence of any of her children.

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