Is mineral water good for health? Know the three main electrolytes it contains and play an important role in well-being

Is mineral water good for health? Know the three main electrolytes it contains and play an important role in well-being

Mineral water is a real treasure, it stands out for its content of minerals and nutrients that benefit the body’s functioning. It is known by many as electrolytic water and its intake is related to great therapeutic properties.

Mineral water is 100% natural that does not require any chemical treatment and is therefore a great ally to maintain good levels of hydration in the body.

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Practically the 60% of the human body is made up of water. Our brain is made up of 90% water, 85% blood, 75% muscle mass and 22% bones, so we can reaffirm its importance. And that is why it is not strange to understand the reasons why hydration is a so vital aspect for every cell and organ of our body.

The truth is maintaining optimal hydration goes beyond a healthy habit intervenes in the correct functioning of the organism and is associated with benefits ranging from optimizing metabolic rate, lubricating the joints, improve physical and mental performance, ensure digestion and correct elimination of toxins.

For many people ingest the correct fluid intake It can be quite a complicated subject and is that in some cases they find very boring to natural water. The good news is that there are other types of alternatives such as the mineral water, its consumption is related to great moisturizing benefits And best of all, it provides a extra boost in some nutrients.

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What is the water mineral?

Mineral water is a treasure of nature since it is water of underground origin, which has the enormous virtue of being protected from all kinds of contamination, it is microbiologically healthy and stands out for its composition in minerals and nutrients which provide health benefits. Among its main components it is attributed a significant contribution in magnesium, calcium, potassium and inclusive iron. Its name is because it is obtained from protected mineral springs and thanks to its unique composition many often call it electrolytic water from nature.

Being a product of nature mineral water is an ideal product to stay well hydrated, it has the genius of being bottled at the foot of the spring process in which they are considered conditions of extreme asepsis with the objective of protect its original purity. It is a type of water that does not require any chemical treatment for consumption and it has the genius of no calories, reason why it is related to positive effects to take care of the corporal weight.

According to statements by the Food and Drug Administration mineral water is distinguished from other types of water by its constant level and relative proportions of minerals and trace elements, taking into account the natural fluctuation cycles. At the same time it is important to note that it is a type of water that minerals cannot be added.

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The truth is there are different types of mineral water, some are foamy due to their gas content and others not so much. Thanks to its contribution in nutrients it is a water with a very different taste than tap water and to which is subjected to a filtering process.

About its electrolyte content and its medicinal benefits:

Between the great qualities of mineral water its content is highlighted in three important electrolytes: sodium, potassium and magnesium. These minerals they play a fundamental role in health in general and also in the regulation of body systems.

The contribution in these nutrients is associated with great therapeutic properties among which are its benefits to regulate blood pressure, promote good blood circulation, control muscle contraction and thereby avoid conditions like cramps, excessive fatigue and dehydration.

At once each of these nutrients is associated with particular qualities, as happens with the magnesium attributed to it extraordinary digestive health benefits, this is because their presence helps attract water to the intestines and this regulates digestion (especially prevents and fights constipation). Its calcium content It is a great natural complement to strengthen bones and teeth and positively intervenes in blood clotting.

In general the list of benefits of drinking mineral water are associated with the effects derived from good hydration, which are associated with qualities for avoid dry mouth, keep the body cool, It enhances sleep quality, energy levels increase, mood is benefited, optimizes metabolic rate, cognitive functioning increases, promotes the elimination of retained liquids and toxins, therefore it is the perfect complement to have a healthy weight.

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Remember that a correct intake of natural liquids (of course sugar free) is one of the most simple and essential eating habits, which provide Health & Wellness in each of the activities we do. The recommendation of various specialists is always supplement the consumption of mineral water with the intake of natural water. Although in general mineral water is safe for everyone, in cases of people who suffer hypertension or kidney problems It is important to monitor and limit their consumption, this is due to the effects of sodium and potassium respectively.


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