Is the iPhone SE 3 really more resistant to falls?

iPhone SE 3

This time, that’s it, the iPhone SE 3 is well launched and the first models were received by Apple customers at the end of last week. The outlook is looking good and some forecasts are even counting on 30 million units sold for the year 2022 alone.

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Among the many selling points of this new device, the Cupertino company claims that it is equipped with the most resistant screen, enough to allow it to endure the falls and scratches that are the lot of smartphones on a daily basis.

Satisfactory water resistance tests

In order to verify the promises of the apple brand, Allstate Protection Plans carried out a first series of controlled drop tests. Overall, it looks like the third-generation iPhone SE is tougher than previous models and almost as tough as the iPhone 13.

Concretely, a fall of two meters on a sidewalk only resulted in slight scratches similar to those observed on an iPhone 13. During a fall of 2.5 meters, however, the device cracked. A side drop of one meter meanwhile resulted in only a few limited scratches on the frame.

Finally, and this is also one of the great classics of resistance tests, the iPhone SE 3 was able to hold under one meter of water for 30 minutes. Some slight audio issues were spotted but they resolved after an hour.

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These first results are quite satisfactory for the new Apple smartphone, especially since it also seems to keep its promises of better autonomy.

On your side, have you bought an iPhone SE 3 and if so, what are your first impressions?

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