Is the next Apple mobile already finished?

iPhone 12 pliable concept

In recent weeks, you have probably not been able to miss the noise of the hallway announcing the arrival of a clamshell iphone. It is thus assumed, according to almost official sources, that two versions are in preparation. Obviously, difficult to know more with confidence at the moment. Indeed, Apple continues to keep this project a secret as the company usually does before the release of all its products. A strategy that pays off: during marketing, success is not long in coming.

Sales of the different sizes of iPhone 12 have thus already exceeded the hundred million units since their launch. Or at least that’s what seems internally planned for the coming weeks. However, a recent video posted by controversial Youtuber Jon Prosser assures us: the next edition of the most popular cell phone on the planet is no longer on the agenda at Cupertino.

A strategy planned down to the millimeter

If it is impossible to verify with certainty the statements of the videographer, his elements of language allow however to specify the content. More concretely, he assures us that Apple would therefore rather have chosen to focus on the development of its foldable iPhone. Better yet, since its launch date is mentioned and would not arrive this year not even in … 2022 !

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In addition, major smartphone brands often have a habit of planning ahead to design their flagship smartphones. Leaks about their components are also sometimes published several semesters in advance. It is therefore quite plausible that theiPhone 13 (or iPhone 12S, according to some) is well and truly finished and already in the boxes.

Foldable iPhone patent © Apple / USPTO /

Keynote in September

Most of the time, it is during the fourth quarter that Cupertino announces with great fanfare its novelties. If previously the conference in question was held on the west coast of the United States in front of an audience of journalists, it is now only online that the event takes place. And the spectators are there: they would have been twenty-two million to follow the WWDC 2020 in front of their screen.

So, has the iPhone 12S already entered production within the chains of subcontracting Asian people to stick to such an agenda? Mystery. But his cousin with a hinged slab is probably entitled to all the attention of the apple brand right now.

Is the next Apple mobile already finished?

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