Is the T2 chip in Macs vulnerable?

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The T2 chip designed by Apple is present on many Macs released since 2018. In particular, it allows the user to encrypt and decrypt their data on the device’s SSD hard drive. What seriously limit the risk of piracy.

Of course, no method is infallible and this is also the case here. The company Passware, which manufactures unlocking tools, indicates that it has managed to crack the passwords of Macs equipped with T2 chips.

A very difficult hack to perform

Concretely, his tool exploits a vulnerability present on this component, which allows him to bypass the limitation of password attempts. From then on, the attacker can launch his system and test endless possibilities to access our information.

However, there is no need to panic because even in these conditions, it seems difficult to succeed. Moreover, attacks can be extremely long if the password is complex. Potentially, it could take…thousands of years.

Similarly, Passware does not provide its system to just anyone. It costs $1990 and is only sold to governments and companies that are able to provide valid justification for their purchase.

Finally, the attacker must have physical access to your Mac, which greatly limits the possibilities of hacking. In short, data security via the T2 chip still seems to be there. Moreover, there is no doubt that Passware’s remarks have alerted the Apple teams and that they will look into this detected vulnerability.

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