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Est-il possible de construire son site web gratuitement ?

Do you own a small business and think it’s time to start your website? Unfortunately, the creation budget is slowing you down and you prefer to go for a free website offer.

For the development of your business, creating a free website is not the right solution; AntheDesign explains why.

Build your free website

Taking advantage of a free website service seems like a good deal. However, the fact that a product is free is not always good to take. There are many services on the Internet that allow you to edit your website for free. Wix, cmonsite and even quomodo are the main players in this market. At first glance, their offer seems attractive but includes many negative points.

Indeed, creating your site yourself implies that no one intervenes professionally in the creation of it. In addition, building and maintaining a website takes time. it takes time to adapt to familiarize yourself with the editing interface and provide your site with regular content. The design must also be fully thought out. Indeed, a non-friendly design scares most of the users from your site.

Modules not always free

Free is often very limited on these websites. Indeed, you benefit from the basic options offered by the publisher for free. However, to effectively complete your site, you will subscribe to many paid options.

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These paid options are different for each provider offering to build your website for free. Some impose unwanted ads and logos on the header and footer.

To get rid of it, it offers you a paid monthly plan. Other publishers, in a free version, include the name of their service in your domain name. To have a personalized domain name, you will also need to add an annual fee that can exceed 100 €.

free website

If you want to add an online store, you must also purchase an additional pack. The latter costs an average of ten € uros per month. In order to offer items to your customers, you will also need to pay a monthly flat fee.

On the design side, it’s the same thing. Some publishers offer many templates that format your site consistently. To set yourself apart from the competition, uniformity is an idea to leave out. Indeed, offering your visitors the same visual content as one of your competitors could have a negative impact on your sales. Conversely, if you choose a design that is too simple, your readership will get bored with this too basic and dated version of your site.

Blade: Create your web design with Laravel’s template engine

By bringing together all these options, it is quickly possible to exceed the 60 € monthly expenditure on a site that initially promised you total free access. In addition to this expense, and the time spent fueling your site, there is the whole marketing sphere that will not be managed. If you have a website and it doesn’t get any views, it’s useless. Going through an agency will help you improve your SEO.

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Free website and SEO?

Internet responds to specific codes. In order for your site to be visible to as many people as possible, you need to apply many specific search engine marketing strategies. Indeed, natural referencing is a major lever to appear in the first results of Google. But SEO work is not just writing a few articles or building an optimized page. Indeed, it is important to start SEO as soon as you build your website. Optimizing your site is an essential strategy to stand out from your competitors.

To neglect the natural referencing of your site is to give up the possibility of gaining visibility. To improve your online presence, the work of a web marketing agency is mandatory.

Why go through an agency?

Is your site responsive? Are your articles rich and optimized enough for Google to take them into account? Did you set up your site correctly at the base? If you are unable to answer these questions, going through an agency is inevitable. By going through free website creation offers, you put aside:

  • The technical construction of your website
  • Optimization of the various tags
  • Optimizing your articles
  • The visual on the evolution of your site
  • The possibility of performing SEO audits
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The technical construction of your website and the optimization of the various tags aims to create the foundations of your website. Free site hosts, for the sake of simplicity, do not offer the possibility of creating your website from the first lines of code.

Then, your articles will have to be optimized to meet the rules imposed by Google. Knowing your traffic will also be an important point for your website. Just as you know the numbers for your business and expect them to change, it is important to know how your online traffic will change. Finally, SEO audits will give you a visual on the errors present on your site and offer you the possibility of correcting them.

All of these services are immutable in the evolution of your website and your business. They can be provided by a web agency. By creating your website for free, you are not taking advantage of these kinds of services. In the end, you usually waste your time and money on an offer that initially seemed attractive..

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