Is this the end of iPhones for French customers?

iPhone 12

In recent days, a major conflict has erupted between Apple and Ericsson. The second makes the first pay for the use of patents essential to the manufacture of smartphones, a system which is nothing new and which all the major brands fulfill, including Android. But recently, Cupertino no longer pays the royalties incumbent on it.

Until now, however, this case was limited to countries such as Brazil, Germany and the Netherlands. But we have just learned that another of our European neighbors is also preparing to see the case landed in its courts: it would be the UK. Therefore, concerns also turn to the French market.

A ten-figure lawsuit?

Concretely, if Apple does not settle its debts quickly, then Ericsson could ask a judge to ban iPhones from stores intended for the general public in order to win the case. What the magistrate could accept, as long as the manufacturer of the headed mobiles does not comply with the conditions of the contract signed with the plaintiff.

To date, the french justice however, does not appear to have been entered. But if that were the case in the next few weeks, then the ax could prove very severe for Apple. Indeed, the Californian firm has recently already been fined one billion euros by local legislators, a sign that their vehemence towards this somewhat too powerful giant is not to be taken lightly.

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Online option

In any case, if the iPhones are indeed withdrawn from sale, there is a good chance that only new products sold in Apple Stores will be affected initially. The ban may then extend to third-party shops, but it will take time, a period that many individuals will probably take advantage of to stock up and then offer items at more or less fair prices on sites like eBay.

In addition, Apple can also always turn toother suppliers of technology between now and the arrival of its next mobile phones. In approach, several iPhone 14s are notably reported, the iPhone SE 3 being surely already ready for its part (too late to modify it, therefore).

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