Is this the end of the Apple Car program in California?

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According to a new rumor shared by the Taiwanese researcher Ming Chi Kuo, Apple’s plan to develop a smart car is said to be on hold. In any case, this is what a tweet from the analyst suggests, explaining that the team in charge of the file has simply been dissolved “for some time“. Even though since its beginnings around 2014, no concrete progress has been presented to the public.

For the source, these changes should be put in parallel with a reorganization which should take place within the next three to six months. Is it a question of organization chart, budget or forecast? Impossible to know as the ins and outs of the subject are still fiercely kept secret by the Apple.

Many years of waiting

Also according to Kuo, mass production of Apple’s famous connected automobile would not begin before… 2025. This is not the first time that such a prediction has emerged from both the figurehead of TFI Securities and its competitors, but repeating it regularly could give it more credence.

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In any case, even when the factories are at work, a period of several months will be expected before marketing. Not to mention the shortage of chips which continues to block Asian logistics circuits, delivery delay linked to a possible disproportionate success of pre-orders can thus quickly affect consumers. This is particularly what happened with the most recent MacBook Pros, which arrived at the end of 2021 equipped with their new in-house processor.

The competition in sight

Another possible explanation for this reversal of the situation: the rapid development of emblematic manufacturers in the field, whether on the side of Tesla or the historical actors. They have already presented their driverless vehicles to the general public, where Cupertino is still struggling to find subcontractors to carry out its plans.

It remains to be seen whether Apple’s core target will be able to continue to wait, or not…

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