Isla Holbox: the new trendy island

Isla Holbox: the new trendy island

Do you want to discover an island still little known to tourists? Hurry to take the direction of Isla Holbox, pronounced Holboch, located in Mexico, this island will attract more and more travelers in search of fine white sand, turquoise water, tranquility & sun!

Here is 10 good reasons to go basking on this island:

  • no car on this island apart from golf carts or bikes, ready to go around the island in a buggy?
  • no big resorts but small paradise hotels for all budgets
  • of many animals live in their natural state, who has never dreamed of seeing a flamingo?
  • from November to June, you have the possibility of swim with whale sharks
  • of heavenly beaches await you there like Punta Mosquito & Punta Coco
  • the excursions from Isla Holbox will make you dream
  • the bioluminescence you know ? in Holbox you can have the chance to see this phenomenon
  • the island do not suffer still some mass tourism
  • who never dreamed of a hammock lying in the ocean to take a nap?
  • do you really need a 10th reason?
Isla Holbox: the new trendy island

How do you get to this perfect spot?

The island is located north of the Yucatan Peninsula, go to the town of Chiquila to take the ferry. If you are by car there are guarded and secure parking lots. Then take the ferry which will take you directly to the island in 30 minutes.

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I meet you there ? If you want to know our favorite addresses and the essentials of this island, call Next Travel!

Isla Holbox: the new trendy island

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