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You surely remember the Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo, a country derivative of Porsche taycan. As might be expected in the midst of the SUV fever, the concept car raised great expectations among the specialized press and the general public during the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, so much so that the Porsche board of directors approved its series production.

Now, the German company has shown us the first official images which will foreseeably be baptized as Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo. The automaker has taken to Instagram to reveal that brand ambassador and former Formula 1 driver Mark Webber had the opportunity to drive a lightly camouflaged prototype.

Webber assures that the official debut of the model will take place in the next two months, which suggests that its world premiere is scheduled for before the end of March. If so, the first units of the Taycan Cross Turismo will most likely hit Porsche dealerships this summer.

Aesthetically, it will have a design very similar to that of the Taycan, especially on the front, where the sloping hood and the four LED optics stand out. The side view is similar to that of a Panamera Sport Turismo, although with a considerable free height and a plastic underbody protection to reinforce its rustic airs.

The rear will also be related to this model, presenting a light signature very similar to that of the last batch of products from the manufacturer. What is not expected is that it greatly increases the practicality of the Taycan, since something similar to what we can see in the Panamera and Panamera Sport Turismo will happen, where there is only minimal improvement in load capacity.

Under the hood, it will share the mechanical range with the Taycan, although for now it is unknown what exact versions it will be available with. According to Oliver Blume, this Cross Turismo variant will mean the creation of 300 additional jobs at Porsche headquarters, along with the 1,200 new jobs created by the Taycan.

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