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Google has just deployed a new update to the core of its algorithm! What criteria to observe? How to monitor its performance? Should we be worried? What are the best practices to follow? Let’s go !

The world of SEO (French and international) is regularly “shaken” by “turbulence” (SEO equivalents to earthquakes in real life) of varying degrees of importance, depending on updates to the ranking algorithm. Google search results.

Officially announced on the Google Twitter account the November 17, 2021, Mountainview’s search engine has just confirmed a new update to the core of its algorithm which manages the organic ranking of websites listed for free in its search results pages (SERP, in English) (now in infinite scroll on Google mobile).

Google Core Update of November 2021, state of play: things are going quite well?

Apparently yes (November 17, 2021)!

According to the SEMrush Sensor (a tool that helps measure the volume of SERPs), we observed a peak of “magnitude” at 8.9 on November 17, 2021 (not on the Richter scale but on SEMrush) in France.

Like always, this type of important update (Core) of the Google algorithm takes on average 2 weeks to be rolled out everywhere in the worldSo no need to panic about your position monitoring tools today because most of the time, you will not be downgraded (or classified positively) overnight (even if it happens of course).

What are the categories of sites most affected by this new Google Core Update (according to SEMrush)?

All the categories most impacted by the November 2021 Core Update (in alphabetical order):
9.2: News
7.7: Power
8.9: Animals
9.3: Arts and recreation
8.4: Cars and vehicles
9.1: Beauty and well-being
8.0: Commerce and industry
9.4: Online communities
8.0: Law and government
7.0: Employment and training
7.5: Finance
8.5: Hobbies and leisure
6.7: Real estate
9.2: Computing and electronics
9.0: Internet and telecom
9.4: Games
9.1: Books and literature
7.8: House and garden
9.3: People and society
7.7: Reference
9.0: Health
9.1: Science
9.1: Shopping
9.3: Sports
6.7: Travel

What are the best practices to follow in order not to be (negatively) impacted by a Google Core Update?

Or better, take advantage of these Google algorithm core updates to be positively impacted?

Always the same, for a few years now, but the key point to remember is …


For those who haven’t read our previous articles about Google algorithmic updates, here they are:

  • Content is king, content is king : work on your content and cover in detail all the subjects linked directly or indirectly with your theme, your site will only be stronger and more stable.
  • Avoid duplicate content at all costs (external): Google hasn’t liked this for several years and that’s not going to change.
  • Optimizes crawl and indexing : optimize your internal mesh as well as possible, the depth of your site and the management of the pages to index / deindex.
  • Optimizes mobile web performance : optimize the loading time of your website, especially on mobile.
  • Think SXO (SEO and UX) and no longer SEO-first : offers an irreproachable user experience in addition to content that makes all the difference.

How to detect if your site has been impacted by a Google Core Update?

This is done in several steps but they depend on the type of site:

  • Via precise, targeted and comparative analysis of Search Console “Search Analysis” data before and after the update is deployed (ideally, 2 weeks post announcement should be allowed to pass to make an interesting analysis).
  • Via an SEO positioning tracking tool like this one by checking again, the positions before / after announcement and by identifying the points of similarity on the templates impacted by a possible decrease.
  • By carrying out a crawl (and a good technical SEO analysis that goes with it) with your favorite crawl tool to check for possible technical problems (indexing, crawl, pagespeed,…).
  • By auditing backlinks over the last 12 months with a tool like this, SEMrush or an alternative to SEMrush
  • By using a senior SEO consultant who has seen dozens of Google Core Updates pass on hundreds of sites and knows precisely what to do to go up the slope in the event of a sudden fall.

What to do if your site seems to have been impacted by this GoogleCore Update of November 2021?

A downgrade during a Google Core Update does not mean that you will never find the summits after working on the blocking / impacting factors.

It just means that you have (surely) not worked well enough in the eyes of Google on the most important criteria in its eyes and that it prefers to highlight other sites which have (normally) done better than you. on the targeted keywords (according to its hundreds of criteria analyzed).

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