It reinvents AirDrop thanks to the notch of the new MacBooks!

MacBook Pro 2021 encoche

On Mac, AirDrop is a very handy feature that allows files to be shared between Apple devices at a very fast speed thanks to the Wireless. iPhones and iPads are compatible, so users in the headed ecosystem often prefer this solution to Bluetooth or traditional USB transfer cables.

Only downside: to use AirDrop, the native procedure is not the most intuitive today. You must either open a window in Finder to this destination and drag and drop the desired document there, or go through the right click and the sharing menu to bring up the dedicated option. But a rather clever developer came up with another solution…

An unexpected shortcut

Ian Keen, a Canadian designer residing in British Columbia, has thus capitalized on the space occupied by the notch to make it a “receptacle” where it is also enough to drag and drop a file in order to send it to AirDrop. Even better, thanks to a software modification, the developer managed to make the outline of the notch so that it is more visible and indicates to the user where to deposit his document.

Unfortunately, Apple has of course not approved the idea and you will not be able to find a dedicated application on the App Store. Besides, Keen hasn’t published his code so it’s just a simple proof of concept for the moment. So all you have to do is cross your fingers that, if the public likes it, a little tool for Mac will see the light of day. There are already many similar ones, including one that also allowed the notch to solve some of its technical problems…

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Soon for other models?

When it arrived, the notch had indeed been decried by many Internet users who lamented not seeing it integrated correctly with their applications. However, Apple quickly corrected the situation with an update, and since then this originality has also landed on the Macbook Air M2 in addition to the MacBook Pros released at the end of 2021. Only the latest 13-inch MacBook Pro was not entitled to it, but other machines seem to be in preparation for the next few months…

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