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Accident voiture

The new iPhone 14, like the new Apple Watch SE (2nd generation), 8 and Ultra, are equipped with sensors to detect a serious car accident and alert the emergency services if necessary.

Apple precise that the feature is designed and fully functional for the following events:

  • frontal collisions
  • side collisions
  • rear collisions
  • barrels

If the Apple Watch or iPhone 14 detects one of these accidents, a special screen is displayed on the device inviting you to call for help or stop the alert. If no action is taken for 20 secondsthe emergency services are automatically contacted, as well as the emergency contact(s) from your contact list.

Difficult to find fault with it, when you read the specifics of this novelty, which requires iOS 16 and watchOS 9. But what about in practice? Is it working well? It would be a shame to realize that nothing is going as planned when you have just suffered a serious road accident.

Precisely, the youtubeur of the TechRax channel wanted to test what it was in real conditions: those of a real shock in the car.

iPhone 14: car accident detection, it works!

For the experiment, no risk was taken: an iPhone 14 Pro simply was fixed in the driver’s seat of a test car. It was launched several times at different speeds in the middle of a vacant lot, with another stationary vehicle in its path.

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The tests were not always fluctuating to obtain a realistic impact. But for the case of two frontal impacts, one at moderate speed, the other at higher speed, TechRax has managed to recreate what a real road accident could look like. And for these two tests, iPhone 14 Pro car crash detection worked fine.

Obviously, this video is in no way scientific and does not prove exemplary operation of the car accident detection of the iPhone 14. But it does provide a good illustration of it in conditions close to reality.

We can also be reassured by the fact that Apple had to carry out hundreds of functionality tests in its laboratories to perfect the underlying technologies. Thus, the American firm has ensured the proper functioning of its invention in the majority of situations. And like the Cupertino company, we obviously wish you never need this novelty!

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