“It was Apple” who killed Mark Calivas, according to his best friend


A new survey by Zoe Schiffer published at The verge accuses: the working conditions of some Apple establishments would be so difficult that the employees there “fight for their survival“. Some customer service teams would spend eight hours a day dealing with unhappy customers, while others regret the sharp disparity in salaries.

Tim Cook, in particular, said he wanted to donate his entire fortune (estimated at more than a billion dollars) to charities after his stay on Earth. On the contrary, an AppleCare technician sees it as an opportunity to share Apple’s success with all of its soldiers, some of whom must be satisfied with less than two thousand euros per month in France.

Fallen dream

The paper The verge was an opportunity for Schiffer to interact with sixteen Apple employees past and present, in sectors as diverse and varied as support, sales strategy and retail. These interlocutors say that they were not heard by their hierarchy, that they compared more to algorithms calculating their performance rather than to real managers.

The result is frustrated profiles after having yet joined the Apple for its values, its “mission”And its undeniable success. The disillusionment is such that one of them even decided to end his life to shorten his suffering at the office.

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Mark Calivas

Mark Calivas was however considered a “wellness champion”By fellow students, often evangelizing on the benefits of therapy and mental health issues. However, he fell into a deep depression before killing himself by inhaling nitrogen, pushed to its limits by a conflict with one of his superiors who made him leave his post on the order of the doctor.

Social security coverage being particularly expensive in the United States, the technician will end up ruined. Contacted by The verge, Apple claims to be “devastated”By the event. Tim Cook, pinned directly by Jimmy Bailey, Calivas’ best friend, has apparently not responded to his cry for help yet.

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